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From its inception in 1986, SDMCDS has risen like a phoenix, its edifice soaring above & reaching the masses with dentistry, par excellence.
As seasons have changed, years have given way to more fruitful & rewarding years, batch after batch, the true patrons of this college have made sure that the college has only further spread its branches in terms of scientific outlook, recreational facilities, and recognition worldwide.
As saplings turn into trees, as caterpillars turn into butterflies and as birds spread their wings and fly out of their nests, they take with them more than just a sense of belongingness to their alma mater.
Substitute this nostalgia with euphoria, responsibility and gratitude and come let’s synergize and unite under SPANDANA,our very own alumni association.
It is Spandana, through which we salute the spirit and enthusiasm of each individual, who knows what the college has done for him is more than what he has done for the college. Here we come together to learn, teach, progress and to build stronger ties with each other.
This association offers a platform wherein alumni members can correspond regarding matters of scientific, cultural and social basis. It helps determine our collective needs and aids in problem solving through vibrant interactions. Every SDM’ite, can put forth educational, artistic & even literary ideas.
The proficiency & expertise of those graduated from SDM comprise a powerful & savvy resource. Through Spandana, these talents are nurtured to grow and steered to strengthen the individual alumni. The consortium of events taking place worldwide can be shared mutually in the alumni summit though scientific sessions.   
Thus the alumni resource can have a significant impact on the betterment of the individual alumni through the process of networking and role modelling. Now, the challenge lies in reinforcing this sense of integrity amongst our alumni members.
All it takes is a thought, a rhythm, a pulsation, a Spandana, (get together- in Sanskrit) to pay tribute to our alma mater.

Yours in Association,

Dr Deepika Kenkere

Dr.Shodan M
Hon. Secretary
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